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Motivating Quotes ~ John Di Lemme

on August 6, 2008

Religious Quotes are more than just quotes derived from people of various religions…Religious Quotes are *Motivating Quotes*, from the hearts and souls, of people sharing their own personal religious *relationship* of their creator!

That is a mouthful!

Do you have any *Motivating Quotes* to lift others to the point of jumping out of their seats…screaming…I’m *FIRED UP*!?

This man will do just that!

These are just a snippet of this mans *Motivating Quotes* dictionary!!



Motivating Quotes By John Di Lemme

*FIRED UP!!* >>> Classic

*Hey Champion!*

*Champions are born…losers are made*

*Motivating champions worldwide*

Motivating 1,000 Millionaires One at a Time!

*Champions make decisions and Decisions make *Millio.naire Champions*!

*Faith + Action = Results*

*IN CASE of *FEAR* Emergency – OPEN IMMEDIATLY and Play Very Loud to Demolish Fear

*If you focus on making money you will fail because you must decide to focus on making a Difference in People’s Lives in to order earn the right to be Financially Free*

*No one but YOU Owns the Title Deed to your Dream*

*Your birthright gives you the RIGHT to achieve
success in every area of your life!*

A *True Lifestyle Freedom* Millionaire is defined as one who can do what they want when they want with who they want

*When you stop learning your dead*

*Foundations are the keys to success…daily habits*

*Fundamental habits of a champion never change*

*97% of people, at the age of 65, are either dead or dead

*I’m a student…I am a champion student*

*RELEASE… and let my champion go…NOW!*

*Live the championship life*

*I am expecting a supernatural miracle today

*You must desire to fulfill *Your Why*

*Now the *Miracle Monday Story* for you…Focus on this…And…
I mean Focus…Like slide a little closer to the screen…*

*Do not look to man for your blessings,
but look to the doors that only He has
prepared in advance for you in your favor…
Wait, be still and patient keep God
*First* and Everything else will follow…*

*I am a Champion!

*I am a Focused Champion!

*I am Successful!

*I am Prosperous!

*I am living my dreams!

*I am *Fired Up*!

*I am a Champion!

*I am a Focused Champion!

*I am Successful!

*I am Prosperous!

*I am living my dreams!

*I am *Fired Up*!

*You are Successful, Prosperous,
living your dreams and Fired up!

*Say Bye – Bye to Fear Forever!!!

*Motivating Champions*

*Do your Daily Actions make you stand out?

*You must stand for something or you’ll
stand for nothing and fall right into
fear’s *Deadly Grip*?

*Will you allow the Grip of Fear to get
a hold of you or will you allow the
Supernatural Power of Faith get
a hold of you and Empower
you to stand strong to Live
the Championship Life!

–*Miracles are your responsibility* —

*It doesn’t matter who you are, where
you came from, how much money you have…
get a Revelation…

*YOU can and will create Miracles!!!

*You will produce true Miracles!

*Don’t let anyone else tell you what you must do for money. Love what you do and create your own Miracles…

*Your Faith *MUST* be matched with Action!!

*Take Action!!

*You are a Champion made by God to
live the Champion Abundant Life!!

*I Believe The Bible… 🙂

*Faith + Action = Gods Secret…

*You need to be Fired Up and Focused in
order to bombard the enemies of fear,
low self belief and massive media
bombardment of negativity…

*Motivating the Enemies right out of You!

*I AM taking the correct Champion
Each day in order to Fulfill
my Goals and Dreams…

*Self Decisions are the #1 Key for
Success or Failure!!!

*Decide today to focus on better
decisions to change your life!!

*The pain and the rain never stops in a
Champion’s life – Allow the rain to feed
the seed in you to meet a need in your life
to mature you to another level*

*The Lord desires for all of us to
have 20/20 vision…

*without a vision
a man shall perish…

*In Life we all strive to have perfect vision…
*20/20 Vision* or else we may trip,
get lost in life*

*Standing faithfully strong on the
Word to believe the words of His
Prophets deep down in your spirit>>>

*You Will Prosper… 🙂

*Prosperity is the Life that
God desires for you…

With all this being said…See what this man is all about!

If you want all this…join the club towards your *Dream*

Live your dream through your *why*…with *Motivating Quotes*

More to come Brothers and Sisters!!

We Have Moved to

Let’s continue the Journey!


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