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Spiritual and Friendship Poems, I feel, are Religious Quotes buried deep inside the soul. They are actually more than a quote, more like inspirational bible verses carved from a piece of the person’s entity. These sweet quotes tend to need some sort of translation due to the intense nature behind the story. Kind of like bible scripture…if you will.

What are the characteristics of a true spiritual person? Words of spiritual encouragement come from inspired people traveling into the wild quotes of outstanding individuals derived from a list of religions.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this. This is deep yet very simplistic…

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“If you looked into my eyes what would you see?
You would see love, passion, opportunity
all being held back by humanistic selfishness.
If you looked into my eyes what would you see?
You would see the love, passion, and opportunity
fighting back against that Swiper trying to steel my heart.
If you looked into my eyes what would you see?
My soul fighting the Holy Spirit, wanting to set me free.
If you looked into my eyes what would you see?
You would see a young boy becoming a spiritual warrior…
trying to fight the devil in me.”

Written by: Cody Lowe age 14

Not to shabby for a young man if I don’t mind my saying! Talk about getting the meaning of life! And, at such a young age to boot.

Think about this for a minute…this young man is asking the world what they see and then he goes and hands it to them front and center…wow!

It kind of gives me the visual from Saturday morning cartoons when the little devil and the little angel were on Porky Pigs shoulders working him over as to what direction he should go.

You know, if we are really honest, we are actually born very self-centered. What the first thing we do when we take our first breath of air? We scream bloody murder…I’m cold and feed me right now!

We must first recognize the selfish side of our existence and then teach ourselves to be good.

This poem, in my opinion, exposes the spiritual warfare that goes on in all of us.

“If what you give, in life, is God…how much of Him is in you? ”



A single soul as bright as the sun
Finding another is next to none
Shining bright is hard to do
But not when I’m standing next to you.
You give me passion
You give me hope
You give me reason to live
You cover all my holes
In my life’s sieve.
You are my brother
Nothing can change that.
I love teaching you
How to swing a baseball bat.
But, it is you that taught me the most
When my heart was turning to ghost.
You brought me back to reality
Knowing all that’s happened to you.
Just thinking about it makes my heart blue.
People see you and say they’ve seen a UFO sighting
Because you are “different” just keep on fighting!

Also written by: Cody Lowe age 14

This was written to his Autistic brother who inspires him in many ways as you can see.

The experts say that everybody is responsible for their own actions. I agree to a point;} If you go out and deliberately hurt something or somebody shame on you and you get what you have coming to you…period.

But, if your actions can “affect” the feelings for another in a positive form and create harmony in the actions of another…so holds true to the opposite.

In this spiritual and friendship poem, Cody’s life is directly “affected” by the life of his brother’s actions. It promotes unity between those individuals and the “life” cycle draws into effect.

Hence, your actions do affect the choices of others and you are somewhat responsible for their actions.

Being that we are all not perfect between the ears we must have the mentality to help carry the burden of others as a priority in order to keep a balance in society.

We enter into this world selfish. In order to leave a lasting impression on humanity we must give our lives away as as servant to a divine order. Give to others as you would want them to give to you. Hey, give them spiritual and friendship poems. Or, get them for yourself and learn how to write them. I know you have a beautiful story to share.

Get inspired to be inspiring.

Read the “quote” from the last post…where is your focus? Is our light shining?


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